- Loyalty programme :

Customer loyalty-building approach built upon the principle of “win/win”:the more the passenger travels with the company, the more the passenger will enjoy exclusive benefits.


- Mile :

Unit of measurement corresponding to the air distance travelled between the departure airport and the arrival airport.1 Mile = 1,609 metres.


- Qualifying Mile :

A Mile is called “qualifying” when its crediting contributes to helping the holder reach the various card levels while allowing the holder to obtain rewards.


- Non-qualifying Mile :

A “non-qualifying” Mile does not allow the holder to reach higher card levels but contributes to obtaining rewards.


- Bonus :

A bonus related to certain criteria defined by the airline.Azur Plus offers class bonuses and card bonuses, proportional to the level of the reservation class actually paid for by the passenger and the card level in question.A welcome bonus is offered upon joining the Azur Plus programme, and other exceptional bonuses are offered throughout the year.


- Reward :

A reward offered to loyal members.Azur Plus has three types of rewards : reward tickets, excess luggage, and upgrades.